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Feb 07

I knew that heading to NYC for the first ever #nycHIRL (Hangout in Real Life) was not to be missed. In fact I would come to know that this would be a monumental moment in time not just for us, but for everyone..nycHIRL| Google plus

From far (Robert Redl Vienna) and wide ( Rayan Bouajram California and Renata Sherwin Vancouver) they came: G+ Hangouters all.

With the hard work and extreme effort from a handful of people, Tiffany Henry, Matthew Rappaport, Bobbi Jo Woods and Daniel Enloe, (with a nod to Alex Angelides, it all came together in a spectacular symphony of immediate trust and familial bonding.

I felt the love from each and every HIRLer that I greeted and who greeted me, all in a jumble of Oh Hey, Elaine! and WOW  good to see you! There was a feeling of recognition that belied the situation:First meeting in person.

At the concert Friday night I was talking with Lynette Young about the gut feelings of ‘trust’ and ‘knowing’ that we HIRLers all felt. In a format never before seen, the ‘Hangout’ allows us to engage many of our senses to build a mental, emotional and even a spiritual composite of the people with whom we are hanging..

From the emotions that cross our faces, the micro-expressions and the body language cues we each give off, we have a map of each and every one of our hangout cohorts filed in our brains.. What we seemed to be most surprised at, was the easy camaraderie, the trust we automatically had both for and in each other..

Like being at a family reunion where you may not have seen your relatives for years, may never have seen them. Our bodies, our being reaches out on that other level; we have that shared trust; the underlying knowledge that these are our kin.. This is what the hangout has done for us.

Long distance friendships, relationships and working partnerships all with a deep connection that led to one of the most enjoyable weekends of my life.

I don’t want to leave anyone out as each of the HIRLers are amazing!

Al Espinosa (Brooklyn Born) You are a gentleman!

Carter Gibson  I love ya!


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