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Social Media has it’s own ABCs: “Always Be Connecting”
~ ©2014 Elaine Lindsay

Do you know what queries your customers type when they are looking for your products/services?

Are Customers finding YOU when they look in the search engines? 

Why are YOU the best solution for your customers?

How will they discover YOU are their best solution?

YOU need to be on Page One in Search. We can help

Make it simple. 

DOES ‘Social Media’ seem likes it’s an uncrackable code?

DOES ‘Search Optimization’ seem like another language?

DOES the very thought of Video scare you?  


  • Get your business found on page 1 in Search
  • Crack the digital code for you and your business. With the right training.
  • Get real results when you implement the strategies learned with TROOL Social Media.
  • Use Google my business  still a valid addition to your digital presence…
  • Secure your place as a thought leader in your niche
  • Learn how to make video work for your business

We Offer Search ,Social Media and Video Integration and Optimization Training & Strategy: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business, YouTube, Live streaming, Facebook Live, Periscope  and more…

As a result of our training, you will get found in search, increase your traffic,and  get higher click-through rates, which can rocket your revenue:  Integrating your digital presence will help you to be the social media & search optimization leader in your niche.

TROOL Social Media: Chris Lindsay & Elaine Lindsay.  believe a mutually beneficial & respectful client relationship is the ONLY way to do business. Excellence in Customer Service is our prime motivator.

Taking Simon Sinek’s concept from ‘Start with Why’ to heart…

Why do we do it? To bring you the best presentations,  training, and the most efficient tools to aid you in engaging your customers and prospects. We  empower You to create lasting relationships that you,  your business and your customers will cherish for years to come.

After 25+ years in business from retail to print media,web design, and SEO, we chose to become certified in and focus on Social Media and Search Optimization and Integration.  Visibility = Rank + CTR 

Social media engagement|two-way| Social media strategiesTROOL Social Media
believes social media is a 2-way street


Listen   ♦    Connect    ♦     Engage

Let’s get together to equip your toolkit. Be the Leader in your Business Niche and Your customers will happily market YOU!

 TROOL Social Media  weaves it all together into a multifaceted tapestry;  ‘Social & SEO’ woven with ‘Relationship Marketing’ and  ‘Customer Service Excellence’ through Social Media.  

Angela Sutcliffe

Have I told you lately that you are 100 times wonderful?  I love that you've added the SOB logo to my website (I know there's a name for that) tab and I'm loving creating workshop pages and finding my way through the thank you's and GoTo registration links.  You have made this so darned easy that I'm actually looking forward to seeing my website and uploading my workshops - and yes, as usual, you can use this as a testimonial - you've earned it.

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