do yOU feel invisible online?

Isn’t it time for You to Get Found first?

DO You know when they can’t find you online, they can’t buy from you.

You’re Giving Sales to Your Competition!

• No one reading your blog ?
• No Traffic or No idea of how much Traffic to your website?

Feel like you ONLY have Part of the Puzzle?

Does Your ‘Brand Look’ Match Everywhere Online?

Do you use different logos, fonts or colors on your website and social media? Do you change your colors on your posts at random? This can make it hard for people to recognize your business.

Do People Find You Easily Online?

When you search for your business on Google, is it hard to find? Some of your website may need some tweaks to be more visible, and addressing the inconsistencies can make it more likely for google to understand your value, expertise, and authority..

Are Your Details the Same Everywhere?

Are your business hours or contact details different on your website compared to your Facebook page, your Instagram, etc.? This can confuse people who are trying to reach you.

Is Your Website Easy to Use?

Do people have trouble using your website on their phones or find it slow? If your site is hard to use, people might leave without looking at what you offer.

Is Your Message Clear and Consistent?

Do you say different things about your products or services in different places? Keeping your message the same helps people understand what you offer.

Are Your Social Media and Website Connected?​​

Do your social media profiles and website link to each other? Linking them helps visitors find more about your services or get in touch easily.

Do You Post Updates Regularly?

DO You know when they can’t find you online, they can’t buy from you.
You’re Giving Sales to Your Competition!


Using our proprietary Integrate and Optimize Method™ ensures your business isn’t just seen, it’s found fast and it’s remembered.

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Elaine says, if you want to be found in a Google search, you have to have all your digital properties (social media, website, etc) singing from the same hymn book (that’s my explanation) so everyone knows it’s YOU.
I can honestly tell you that Elaine is the expertist expert I’ve ever met. If you want a digital makeover, TROOLSocial is how you find Elaine

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