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I am consistently thrilled to meet new friends. I aim to learn something every day.  I get to find phenomenal articles, blogs, sites, and more that are TROOL-Y worth their weight in Gold.

Because I believe in shining  light on those who inspire me, those who make me want to be a better me, I will share my findings here @corner of search and social, so you too can benefit from all the goodness and goodies out there!

I feel things deeply, I live in the moment and I want to use my site to perhaps open your eyes to a new or perhaps rediscovered gem.  Follow my #GratitudeAttitude snippets, as I continue to mine the riches that are around every bend online.

Want to add your thoughts? Have a favourite? send me an email and I will have a look and perhaps pass it on here...

Thank You

I want to share an eclectic mix of authors and others I respect. I am honoured in many cases to also call them friends..

I'll start by going back to  2012 , when I had the good fortune to meet Mark Babbitt when we both spoke at Google in Boston. Mark served his country  which earned my respect, and he is a career and leadership mentor wrote the book A world Gone Social with TedCoine  Mark is considered a Top 100 Leadership Speaker and is a Dad of 5 and my adopted honorary brother.

Mark introduced me to  Shawn Murphy  Author of The Optimistic Workplace and Work Tribes. And  Stan Phelps who has been a repeat guest on @BBPTVShow for most of his  Goldfish series books, beginning with the first one, Purple Goldfish.

I got to meet one of Stan's co-authors, David Rendall who caused me to acknowledge my freakiness, and BE FLAWSOM!!.  

From my Google+ days, I was honoured to meet Chris Brogan, also a repeat guest on BBPTVshow and Tim Mcdonald  formerly of Huffington Post.   

 A really stand up guy,  Ted Rubin weathered my worst video outing ever, and after a number of years I am even more in awe of this 100% committed gentleman who is brilliant, and one of the busiest people I know. 

Do look these folks up.. I garantee you will be better for having done so.  

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