10 Reasons Why Google Plus is Better than Facebook

10 Reasons Why Google Plus is Better than Facebook

Then, at a Connecticut Social Media Breakfast event, I heard a speaker named Heather Fay say something I had never heard before: “I'm in love with Google Plus and it has changed my life.” Fay, a mother and a musician, described how she
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Social networking, Muslim-style

The Muslim world is to receive its very own social networking site this summer – SalamWorld, a cleaner, Islam-centered alternative to Facebook. "Some 300 million Muslims use the internet, and about half use social networks," said Yavuz Selim Kurt,
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Chris Brogan's Google+ Book Review | Social Media Club

I loved the book Google+ by Chris Brogan and I learned a lot of cool new things about this powerful social media platform and why it truly deserves its fair share

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