2 1/2-year-old Grandson teaches Grandpa about his iPhone.


Our youngest grandson plays with my old iPhone when he comes over.  I removed the Sim card.  I left the  family contacts and I left a bunch of pictures on the phone.

Liam likes to go through the pictures and see everybody in the family and he knows them all by name. Liam stayed over last night. While I was off to the eye doctor.this morning, he and his grandpa  were playing at the house.

Liam was using his phone and told grandpa that he kept calling grandma, but she wasn’t answering. when grandpa looked at the phone, it does, in fact, say ‘Elaine Lindsay’ and my photo and info come up He knows how to get to the places he needs to go, in ‘HIS’ phone.

The funny thing, Liam turned the light on, ( the torch app) he swipes all over the phone and is used to video chatting with family out west via Facetime, Skype and Hangouts. Grandpa didn’t know there was a torch on the iPhone. his or Liam’s! Grampa asked him where he found that torch? And how do you turn it off? ( Liam did turn it off- on one of the many swipes)  Grandpa has a more current iPhone, but it seems Liam the 2 / half-year-old knows how to use his own cell phone better than Grampa.

When I returned home from the doctor,  and mommy took Liam home, both grandpa and I were totally stumped as to where on this older iPhone, Elaine-lindsay-contact-calling-from-kid-phoneLiam managed to (not only get through the contacts and to find me specifically)  turn on the torch function.

Grandpa got the instructions for his phone, only to find that the torch function wasn’t even there!  He had to Google it: It’s actually located by swiping up from the bottom of the window, which takes you to a Control Panel. The control panel has a timer, a torch and a couple of other utilities. Liam’s only 2 1/2 and yet he knows more about how you swipe and use an iPhone then both his grandparents!

This generation, born into tech, are naturally inquisitive and fearless when it comes to trying things. I can’t wait to see what they add to this world!

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