2017’s word is… INTEGRATION

What is Your Word for 2017?

Every year at this time I ponder a one-word motto for the coming year. Sometimes it takes some serious pondering, but this year the word was loud and clear: Integration.

Integration is essential for a digital footprint, and it’s also a great theme for life. As I think of my wishes for the coming year, for my life and for yours, it’s about integration of professional and personal and balance in all the areas of life. I wish us all prosperity, and making room for all the bits. When we take all the disparate bits we can construct a beautiful patchwork that harmonizes the many elements of life: necessity, routine, process, challenge, creativity, relationships, dreams, hopes, aspirations, accomplishment and success – every single part is required and becomes elevated by interweaving with the other parts.

As 2016 comes to a close I see all the bits of life that challenge us to grow. We have had great success and growth this year, while the world has lost so many in the areas of entertainment, arts and science.  True balance allows us appreciation of all of these elements and a harmonious foundation for the coming year.

2016 is bidding us adieu and 2017 is about to inch into view

Integration is the root of visibility. Integration of your digital footprint allows it all to come together, providing a strong foundation to build important relationships. Like building a harmonious balance in life, integration allows you to support a vision for the coming year, and for your future.

Built on the foundation of integration, your visibility can support your vision and your growth. It’s time to think of a word that will be your motto for the coming year. I chose integration, and it feels appropriate because it’s a drum I’ve been sounding for many years.

What is your word for 2017?

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