3 Important Tweaks for Improving your LinkedIn Profile

3 Important Tweaks2b398a5e8f134bf1af058a8f48f27678_9RT7RQ to Improve your LinkedIn Profile

According to Alexa (at the time of the writing of this article ) LinkedIn, is the 14th most visited website in the world. ( on the web) This makes it a very useful site in terms of targeted search. Google and YouTube, and Alexa itself will return broader results. If you are looking for recommended job candidates, industry experts or business partners LinkedIn is the best place to start.

Linkedin profile Improvements

With this in mind here are three facts about using LinkedIn with suggestions as how best to tweak your profile. Each of these tweaks can help you to build your LinkedIn network and get found for the keyword search terms that matter most to you and your business.

  1. DO Connect with more people, than those you already know – I believe the concept is to build a network of connections both within and outside of the immediate business contacts you already have in your network.  You want to be smart about this: Do not accept connections from those who have incomplete or empty profiles, no profile photo or an inappropriate profile photo that does not show the person that is asking you to connect. Visit the profile of everyone who invites you to connect before you say yes.
    1. Search results in LinkedIn are personalized to you the searcher. Only the people who are within your network are shown in the results. so it makes sense to grow your network; This way more people will see your linkedin profile in their search results.
  2. Complete your profile which will help you come up in the search results in linkedIn
    1. LinkedIn search results are sorted by relevance. Relevance in linkedin means their proprietary search algorithmn. It begins with 1st level connections with profiles that are 100% complete with the most in-common connections / shared groups, ranked in descending order. It then does that for 1st level connections with less in common etc and by profile completeness. It then looks at 2nd level by the same factors, most importantly profile completeness. There is more to the algorithmn however what you need to take away is this: Profiles need to be 100% complete to get into the search results more often. Endorsements –  Make a point of letting others know which skills matter to you.  Offer to endorse those in your network for their chosen skills.
  3. Re-order your Endorsements
    LinkedIn sorts your skills based on the number of endorsements they have received Your top skills may not come up at the top of the list. You can rearrange your skills and the corresponding endorsements so that your top chosen skills are at the top of the list.

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