3 Key tips to rocket your biz to the top of search results with Google my Business

Does it really matter if you are on page one of search results?  

Are people looking for your services and products online?

Are people finding you and your business?

Where is the best place to hide a dead body?
on page 2 of Google search results...

One of the top influencers of your presence in search results:

In this workshop you’ll learn the fastest and most effective ways to maximize your Google My Business listing to impact your search results.

  • Set up your Google My Business listing - it’s like having a free second website with priority indexing from Google
  • Own the entire right side of the search results window
  • FInd out what actually gets you to page one with Google My Business
Case Study Angela Sutcliffe | Business  Consulting

Our client Angela Sutcliffe Business Consulting, is a long time Business Leadership Coach. Angela has adopted the term ‘Smart Old Broad’ to go along with her marketing and she has a number of graphics she employs to bring the point home. Utilizing our tweaks, tips and tools, to make each of her efforts work for her business, Angela Sutcliffe is found on Page 1 in spot #4 for the term Smart Old Broad... Out of 1.37 MILLION Results!

Page 1 Multiple results including images

Learn to make every effort online
contribute to your visibility!

About Your Trainer Elaine Lindsay

Elaine teaches everyone who wants to learn how to achieve digital success: Small business leaders, Authors, Comedians, Media Personalities, Business Coaches, Sales Stars, and more...

Elaine provides online training, webinars and live workshops to help you master your digital footprint, to generate more business and increase your sales. Putting more money in your bank account. She has advised New York Times Bestselling Authors, TV Personalities, Comedians, Business Coaches, Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs and HR and Recruiting.​

Elaine is an early adopter and lifetime learner. For over 17 years, she has studied web development, search optimization (SEO), social media and video to learn the best way to integrate and optimize your digital presence from the ground up.


Elaine translates the digital space into plain language. She helps you break it down into manageable chunks so you achieve your online goals. You feel empowered to concentrate on your own niche. Using what you learn in the course, you get found faster in search, so you can convert. You tally the results, in the dollars you add to your bank account. Leaving you feeling secure in your business, in charge and on top of your entire digital presence.

Elaine has the wealth of knowledge to give you the edge: To be the Leader in your niche.​

Search, Social Media & Video Integration Expert Trainer| LinkedIn Expert| Speaker |Trainer| Digital Strategic Advisor

“This course is for me a labour of love. Seeing my clients shoot up the search engine results pages makes my day! Clients who optimize and integrate, see results quickly and they feel confident as they grow their businesses, knowing they can maintain their edge because we keep them in the loop and on trend We work together to rocket you to the top: Search and Social Media integration and optimization since 2011.
So thrilled to be presenting this set of courses for the online community.”


In this course you'll get the tips, tweaks and tools you need to: 

Check mark for positive results from TROOL Social Media

Get the best results for everything you do online: Know the impact you are creating by engagement

Check mark for positive results from TROOL Social Media

Integrate your online presence to up your visibility so you get found faster in search

Check mark for positive results from TROOL Social Media

Maximize the impact on your bottom line feel secure as you see your bank balance rise

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“I have you so firmly in my head when it comes to search and social media I don't do anything without hearing your instructions.”

Angela Sutcliffe (Smart Old Broad | Angela Sutcliffe Business Consulting)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“Elaine taught me to integrate my website, blog and Social Media. To be frank, I was not actually clear on why I was doing it - I’m used to Elaine knowing her stuff. I may not have known the why, but I sure saw the results. My name and my tag lines all have a cast iron presence on search. I am easy so easy to find I don’t bother with business cards. Just google me.

NOTE: I have a new book coming out, Chakra Evolution. I haven’t done anything to promote the book, but see what happens in search - the title comes up. This is because of the optimization on the site, that affects everything I do Thanks to Elaine.”

Patricia Wall (Teaching Self Mastery TTLO Inc | Author Chakra Evolution)
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