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You Are an Entrepreneur...

  • You know your company is NOT coming up on page one in search...  
  • You know you don't want to be confused or paralyzed by all the social media options
  • You're tired of finding half your day gone. You got pulled into the social media stream yet you feel like you've accomplished nothing.
  • You're trying to do it all... All at once... and your actual business is not getting enough attention... You know you can't ignore online marketing

YOU NEED to be on Page One in Search

We can help make it simple for your prospects to 
Find You Fast in S

How We Serve...

With our training, you learn to prioritize your online requirements,
you know exactly where to start online, and you have plenty of time
to focus on the business of your business

We want you to succeed. We are entrepreneurs too. 

As a result of our GBP Listing training, you will get found faster in search
increase your traffic, and get higher click-through rates.  

Build valuable brand awareness, as you engage with your ideal client.  Visibility is Key!

Integrate your digital presence.
BE the social media & search optimization leader in your niche.

What Our Customers Say...

Elaine has the expertise to help any business owner bring it all together when it comes to their online presence.

If you want to make sure you are leveraging your social media efforts and Google resources, she is your go to gal!

Dr Nathalie


Sante Chiropractic


The key to success in the Social Age is not being an expert ourselves, but knowing how to find the right one when we need one, in any endeavor.

My network is indeed extraordinary because of pros like Elaine Lindsay!


Ted Coiné


I’d recommend Elaine to anyone creating an online presence and wanting to reach the world with their work.

And she’ll make sure you have fun while creating a successful experience. Thank you



Tana Heminsley
Culture Evolution Thought

What We Provide

SEO, social media, podcasts and video integration and optimization and training consultancy.

We work with Google My Business, YouTube, LinkedIn,  Twitter Instagram and Facebook. We provide Digital Know How to stay current in all your online presence.

We are also the Premiere distributors for Revealio™ in Canada Augmented Reality Marketing tools

Our Journey  from Me to We to Us

In 2020, and TROOL Social Media, AKA @troolsocial along with @Glammapreneur , and @BBPTVShow came together under the umbrella of TROOL Social Media ( T.R.O.O.L. is the acronym that stands for The Rest Of Our Lives: which still epitomizes our philosophy of Integration and Optimization whether you're talking about the online world of SEO & Social Media: or IRL: the physical world in which the Spirit, Mind, Body connection and congruence is what you need to live your best life. )

TROOL Social Media began our journey as a 'me' not a 'we' show. I'm Elaine Lindsay and I got into Facebook early February 2007: to stalk my adult children! 

I had developed my first website in 1999, and knew right away that wasn't enough: I found SEO by 2003. Now, in 2007, I quickly saw that social media could help you to market in new ways. As soon as Fan Pages opened I saw the benefits for my clients.  I showed clients how to create fan pages (now business pages) and engage with their customers, and prospects. 

For me, it all seemed straightforward: All of your digital properties needed to be integrated for you to get the most out of your offerings.

And more to the point, social media' was simply the latest moniker for what we humans had been doing for eons.. Connecting and building relationships.  It TROOL-Y is that simple. 

By 2010 people were telling me I should "do" social media. I didn't think it was a career! LOL 

I was introduced to Mari Smith, who became my mentor.  I signed up for the Relationship Marketing institute to learn all there was to learn, from the best source possible. 

Collaborating with like minded social media professionals and being an early adopter in Google+ started the growth.  Becoming a Google+ evangelist and adding team members took us further down the road of optimization. The switch from Boolean to semantic search heralded a new era. Seeing the writing on the wall, we began to integrate everything we knew about web development, design and search engine optimization with all of the social media training and management we offered.  

By late 2012 TROOL Social Media was offering client social media packages, search and social media training that included video. And all of it, with an eye to integrating all of your digital footprint; your online property. 

We are proud of our relationships, excited for our clients and now that we have integrated our own offerings under the TROOL Social Media umbrella, we are thrilled to present our Bespoke Digital Properties that can take you from Invisible to Invincible arming you  with the tools to be Google's preferred choice in your niche.

 We love sharing what we've learned with our team, our clients and our colleagues. We love sharing the wins with our clients who are excited knowing we are applying our experience and knowledge to keep you abreast of the changes that are occurring even as you read this.

We'd love to have you join us!

The Team

Since We Started

We have had the pleasure of working with authors, coaches, media personalities, sales stars, NGO's, fundraising and entrepreneurs who all love their businesses and their customers as much as we do. 

Search & Social Media Statistics


Google is the #1 search engine in the World

2 Trillion

Google searches per year

2.3 Million

Google searches per second

1.17 Billion

Monthly unique Google searches

4.95 Billion

YouTube Daily Video Views


Facebook Active users

450 Million

LinkedIn Members

500 Million

Tweets per Day

500 Million

Instagram Monthly Active Users

Meet Our Team

We are an eclectic bunch!  TROOL Social Media is fortunate to access talented consultants in a variety of modalities: Graphic Design, Voice Artists, Web Development, SEO, Social Media, Digital Audit, Digital Strategy and Training.

Always ready to help you with your questions or problems. 
Always ready to help you celebrate your wins! 
Everyone is committed to maximizing  the returns for you in all the aspects of your digital presence.

Chris-lindsay-CEO-auditor-trool-social-media photo

CEO, Digital Auditor
Search &
Social Media

Elaine Lindsay Speaker Social Optimization Specialist

Digital Integration Specialist,  Speaker
Online Diva, Social Strategist


ryan-lindsay-voice-artist-radio-dj-trool-social-media photo

Voice Artist
Radio DJ

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