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Hangout Canopy – whaaaaa

Heya Guys, just thought would write a little message explaining a few little details about the workings of hangout Canopy.

Since the new release of Canopy we have been getting a lot questions tha are evolving around Is hangout canopy sharing private / limited hangouts

and the answer is NO, since we have introduced the unified stream many people struggle to tell the difference with hangouts that have been created limited and hangouts that have been created public.

Ok so let's say that +Cam Meadows creates a hangout and selects only his Top Hangout Peeps circle, that has 25 of his peoples in it, this means that those 25 people all see his limited invitation within there stream.

Out of those 25 people, 10 of those have Canopy Installed, so they will be able to see +Cam Meadows's hangout in there extension, but only in the extension, that Limited hangout will not leave your computer.

Meaning because you got a notification and see that the hangout is in the stream, does not that it was shared with you by someone else.

We check both client and server side to assure hangouts are public, and to this day we have not had 1 single limited hangout go threw our servers.

You will know if the extension has distributed the hangout to our servers because the small text that displays the hangout type will display public, if at any time this is Limited, the hangout never leaves your computer.

Hope this clearthings up for you guys and +Brandi Bull

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