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So interesting to see the changes in the online world. These changes really do reflect what’s happening in the offline world. Business, personal, and play all start with your mindset.

Not everyone will either agree with this premise or see the point that gets me so excited!  Integration is the key to everything. the key to humans living and working in harmony.

Let’s look at mindset-

A mindset is an “established set of attitudes, esp. regarded as typical of a particular group’s social or cultural values; the outlook, philosophy, or values of a person; frame of mind, attitude, [and] disposition.” It may also arise from a person’s worldview or beliefs about the meaning of life. Wikipedia

Carol Dweck talks about a Growth vs a Fixed mindset.. which relates to business for the most part. read about it in the Harvard Business review article

What Having a “Growth Mindset” Actually Means

I’ll continue this discussion in my next post.


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