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Hold that FINE!! CASL has removed the Teeth of the Email Beast!
Hold that FINE: CASL is still a Beast: Just less bite when it comes to email. On Friday the CTV[...]
Are you sending ‘unsolicited’ emails? Severe Canadian rules will be enforced July 1, 2017
Canada's Anti Spam Law Act(full HTML Version) will be enforced July 1, 2017 How many times have you jotted down[...]
Registered Charities, Fundraising, CASL and more..
CASL re Registered Charities, Fundraising, and more The short answers via the CRTC Registered Charities Commercial electronic messages (CEMs) sent[...]
Guest blog request received: Real or Fake?
Question: I received an email guest blog request with a couple of different URLs. How do I know if its[...]
SEO plus Congruence and Include Your Business
Question: Wow What did you do for my website? Was it SEO to get my subscribe button to start working[...]

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