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Elaine Lindsay’s Article on Voice Search in #M3Mag
Patty Farmer's  Marketing  Media and Money Magazine, 1st Quarter issues for 2019 Within the pages of  the magazine  you will[...]
Requiem for a Neighbourhood 10 months early
Update : Its the end of February and news is we will be done with G+ as of April.. WOW..[...]
OMG Disposing of old books ain’t easy! Sorry Aunt Kathleen!
Sometimes we have to change up how we think and let go of old beliefs to make way for new...
OMG No Power! No Documents! Google Drive to the Rescue
The Question:What  do you do when the power goes out?. The power goes out, and you haven't yet printed those[...]
Marketing – MORE than a Shift: Complete New Focus
STOP Bombarding your Customers “Actually the marketing funnel has officially given notice and retired to Naples, Florida like all snowbirds[...]
July 2018 Mobile First is actually ONLY Index
Here's what this means for your site:Before you grab your smartphone or tablet to Google the term ‘mobile first indexing,’[...]