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    YouTube Bumper Ads: Increase Reach & Brand Awareness in Just 6 Seconds
    Happy to have a guest post from Faiz Varghese of TechWyse providing a really good explanation of YouTube Bumper Ads..[...]
    Facebook Acquisitions Complete List
    After Facebook took the throne from MySpace as the social media giant, a lot of social media platforms had come[...]
    Some Basic Social Media Truths: A Look Back
    Let's remember the basic tenets of being social. It's interaction NOT broadcasting. AND let's be sure to make real engagement[...]
    Elaine Lindsay’s Article on Voice Search in #M3Mag
    Patty Farmer's  Marketing  Media and Money Magazine, 1st Quarter issues for 2019Within the pages of  the magazine  you will find[...]
    Requiem for a Neighbourhood 10 months early
    Update : Its the end of February and news is we will be done with G+ as of April.. WOW..[...]
    OMG Disposing of old books ain’t easy! Sorry Aunt Kathleen!
    Sometimes we have to change up how we think and let go of old beliefs to make way for new...
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