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How Social Media Saved Me..
Over the past decade, somewhat like a never-ending rollercoaster ride, I have begun to own my expertise, and then NOT[...]
Facebook Rooms
So have you tried your room yet?  Do you know you have a room on Facebook? Facebook has a new[...]
Small Business Tools for The New Economy
UPDATE May 14 New Way to Stay Connected Facebook has a new option for all to be able to connect with[...]
What You Can’t See From a Quick Glance
Hello, I’m Elaine and I am a Functional Junkie. (Pause for dramatic effect…)Not the usual start to a pseudo-business postPlease keep[...]
YouTube Bumper Ads: Increase Reach & Brand Awareness in Just 6 Seconds
Happy to have a guest post from Faiz Varghese of TechWyse providing a really good explanation of YouTube Bumper Ads..[...]
Facebook Acquisitions Complete List
After Facebook took the throne from MySpace as the social media giant, a lot of social media platforms had come[...]
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