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 Restoring Social’s Promise: thoughts--smcamp-2018-audience-social-media-camp-2018

Restoring Social’s Promise #SMCamp 2018

People Connect through Stories Back in the school yard – and in my day that was before computers – there were bullies and friends and jocks and geeks and all sorts of people interacting.  As


Conversation NOT Hard Sell

I’m thrilled to update this post from July 13 2011 when i spoke about P2P in my post regarding conversation  not hard sell tactics. I recently attended IZEAFest the Influencer Marketing conference


Baby Poop Brown: Christmas Tree Woes and Social Media Savvy!

My Christmas Tree is Baby Poop Brown: in daylight! A couple of years ago my son bought me a beautiful white Christmas tree. I loved it. I got red and turquoise decorations to make it jazzy. It gives me

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