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Baby Poop Brown: Christmas Tree Woes and Social Media Savvy!

My Christmas Tree is Baby Poop Brown: in daylight! A couple of years ago my son bought me a beautiful white Christmas tree. I loved it. I got red and turquoise decorations to make it jazzy. It gives me


What is obvious to your client? Probably not what you think!

Or… How to help people find your expertise If I asked you where to find something on your website – some information, a product, a video – you’d know exactly where to look. You’re so

From R-E-O-I -Visibility is Key for Online Business Success

R.E.O.I. ♦ TROOL’s New Digital Marketing Equation

Introducing R E O I For a few years now, we’ve been talking about ROI and how it can be difficult for small business to really calculate the impact of social media directly. I believe we are looking

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