The Business Plan for Your Online Presence Webinar Series

Six one-hour sessions of expert wisdom and tools
$ 249

Are you serious about growing your business? How to get what you need online for your business now.

Twenty years ago the most important element of your online presence was a website. Times have changed.

What could be more important than a website?

  • Your Reputation
  • Getting found in the crowd
  • Easy access for customers who want what you sell


Elaine Lindsay

Leading edge web development, SEO and social media for 15+ years

Find Elaine @ the corner of search & social

Six one-hour sessions of expert wisdom and tools
  • 1   Introduction to the Business Plan for Your Online Presence
  • 2   Establishing Your Foundation
  • 3   LinkedIn – A Necessity
  • 4   Your Niche in the Worldwide marketplace
  • 5   Connecting with Customers
  • 6   Your Plan Going Forward


What Industry Leaders Say About Training with Elaine Lindsay
kathie-Donovan-Author-inspiration-in-actionKathie Donovan
Author Speaker Broadcaster

“Some people are meant to teach and Elaine Lindsay is one of them. Generous, wise, insightful, funny and plugged into cutting edge Google everything. By the time I completed Elaine’s one day course, I realized that I was just beginning my Google journey and had a fabulous guide to rely on. “

Ken SundheimKen Sundheim
KAS Placement

“Social media consultants and SEO professionals are in abundance…though, there is a scarcity of very competent, knowledgeable people in the industry. Luckily, in Elaine Lindsay, you’ve found a gem. My company came to Elaine with some complex social media and search engine problems and Elaine treated my company as if it were hers making sure to do the work necessary to execute on our goals. Needless to say, we’ve found our social media and SEO professional.”

Ted-Coine-meddle.itTed Coiné
CMO Meddle

“Online Video-Hangouts-Google+ Elaine Lindsay showed me everything I needed to know to create my own show via Hangouts on Air. She’s an amazing asset! I went from zero to expert in no time thanks to Elaine’s Hangout guidance! The key to success in the Social Age is not being an expert ourselves, but knowing how to find the right one when we need one, in any endeavor. We call it OPEN, short for Ordinary People, Extraordinary Network. My network is indeed extraordinary
because of pros like Elaine Lindsay!

stock-4Mari Smith
Forbes’ Top Social Media Power Influencer
Premier Facebook Marketing Expert & Facebook Partner

“Elaine Lindsay, Google+ Evangelist, and a fellow Scottish-Canadian, is passionate about social business strategy, training and integration with SEO. Elaine specializes in Google+ and all its features. Elaine is a deeply knowledgeable resource, who can help you achieve the perfect social media fit for your business. She is an early adopter and one of the featured authorities in the book “Solving the Social Media Puzzle”, “Social Media Myths:Busted” and “Understanding Social Media”.

Shawn MurphyShawn Murphy
Speaker Writer Co-founder and CEO Switch & Shift ♦ Top ranked leadership blogger by Huffington Post.
“I have tremendous respect for people who know their work inside and out. It’s a joy to watch them do their work: it appears effortless and joyful. This is the case with Elaine. She helped us wade into the pool that is Google+ and learn how to use it to our advantage. She gave us the tools, support and encouragement to turn Google+ into an important channel in our online presence at You rock, Elaine! “

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