Canadian Funny Money?

2013  – Is your Money Funny?
No?  Well, it might be!

Elaine: Here’s the news today! Canada will be replete with ‘Funny Money’ and furthermore it’s a total headache for the vending machine industry, as some machines won’t accept it.

Maria:  Thank goodness I don’t own any vending machines!

Elaine: For sure! I hear the new polymer bills won’t have a chance!

Maria:  A chance at what?

Elaine: Getting all warm and cosy.. seems heat is the mortal enemy of our “funny money”.
See the article  By The Canadian Press -jan 2 2013“In response to a formal request from The Canadian Press, the Bank Of Canada released 134 pages of internal records — almost completely blanked out — concerning allegations its new polymer bills melted in the scorching summer sun.”  <Read full article:>

Maria:  When bills first came out, the bank teller at my bank told me to make sure I didn’t put any in the dryer!

Elaine: So did you try it?

Maria:  Alas no, I’m not sure I wish to become a money launderer…although I may already be one!   I washed an old $5 bill that was in my jeans pocket by accident one time, but it survived!  Perhaps a little extra starchy though.  From my understanding, the new bills will melt into your clothing.  Wouldn’t you want the face of the Queen melted into the seat of your pants?

Elaine: As a monarchist you are TROOL-Y stepping out of bounds.. kindly reel it in!

Maria:  Hey, I’m not the one responsible for the bill design!  I just call it like I see it.

Elaine: No you are not.. Yet still your comment rankles…. We are NOT amused!!

Maria: 8-)

Elaine: funny face… read it as you see fit! bwa ha ha…. Yes I’m being cheeky… NO further comments regarding the backside of one’s pants…

Maria:  Oh, you’re no fun…


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