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Here are a couple of a great little analytic apps for checking all your data on Google+
Everything from your engagement to the number of reshares.. [add your user number here]

And Circle Count which gives a slightly different rank for people.. [add your number here]


for example.. mine.

Here is a screenshot of the 1st segment of mine from Nov 19th..




a"Dolidh Young| Computer Whiz| Actor| Singer|Data on G+"nd my dear friend and fellow Scot
Dolidh Young a fabulous Scottish Singer,
Actress and all round ‘Pixie Ninja’..







"Shefali Burns|Google+ analytic"

My good friend Shefali Burns (Own your Light and Hangoutchefs)







"Samantha Villenave|GooglePlus| CircleCount"

And Of course the Artist  lovingly referred to as the ‘Doodle Ninja’ and Chef.. Extraordinaire..
Samantha Villenave
who’s analytics for G+ were done with CircleCount









Check out these apps with your profile.. Great analytics for G+


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