About Chris Lindsay

The customer is of primary importance. No customer: No business. We must strive to provide excellent customer service at all times.” ©1988 CLindsay


Chris Lindsay (partner) CEO, digital auditor with TROOL Social

Mr Lindsay is well-grounded and pragmatic: He drives the ‘think tank’ behind the creative machine. He is the sounding board for concepts and ideas. He is the final proofreader.
From the outset, when we began our family retail business ‘HOOTS Kidstuff’ in the 80′s and early 90′s Mr Lindsay has stressed the importance of Customer Service Excellence. Our CEO is the grounding that allows creativity to soar.


TROOL Social’s WHY?

Our ‘why’ is to connect people & business in ongoing engagement to build long term customer loyalty , share our wealth of digital knowledge and deliver excellent service: 100%.of the time!
We answer to You, our customer, your needs drive all we do.
With a particular emphasis on Google Business Profiles and all things Search We use our Integrate and Optimize Method™ to get you found fast & first in the SERPs..
Google is important because If you aren’t visible in search your competition is taking your money!

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