Chris Lindsay CEO

Chris Lindsay CEO

Chris Lindsay CEO TROOL Social Media Creative Group

Chris Lindsay is the CEO for the TROOL Social Media formerly TROOL Productions.

Mr Lindsay is well-grounded and pragmatic: He drives the ‘think tank’ behind the creative machine.

He is the sounding board for concepts and ideas. He is the final proofreader.

From the outset of his retail business ‘HOOTS Kidstuff’ in the 80′s and early 90′s he has stressed the importance of Customer Service Excellence.

The customer is of primary importance. No customer No business. We must strive to give excellent customer service at all times. ~CEO Chris Lindsay

TROOL Social Media’s WHY? connect people & business in ongoing engagement to build long term customer loyalty and deliver excellent service: 100%.

We offer digital marketing training|social media marketing| and social network speaker who is familiar with all social networks with a passion for Google+ and the Hangout feature.