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 Restoring Social’s Promise: thoughts--smcamp-2018-audience-social-media-camp-2018

Restoring Social’s Promise #SMCamp 2018

People Connect through Stories Back in the school yard – and in my day that was before computers – there were bullies and friends and jocks and geeks and all sorts of people interacting.  As


Hold that FINE!! CASL has removed the Teeth of the Email Beast!

Hold that FINE: CASL is still a Beast: Just less bite when it comes to email. On Friday the CTV published this article.. about the indefinite postponement of the private rights provision regarding email


10 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Go Viral

 This post is really on the mark and I believe needs repeating. Content Marketing is a multi-pronged approach that gets your message out there and can add to the visibility of your business when done