Customer Service Excellence in 2013

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updated from original Jul 17 2011

I answered a question on Quora quite a while ago; re definition of  ’World Class Customer Service’.   I need to expand  my answer as I feel  Social Media,  the business of being Social,  is a very relevant part of today’s Customer Service. All business is Social I believe we all should strive for Customer Service Excellence . What they refer to as World Class Customer Service in Quora.

What is the definition of “world class customer service”? From Quora

Is there one definition? Does it vary depending on the context?  This question was asked on Quora..

My  Answer:( Quora July 15 2011) By Elaine Lindsay

We are each others customers, whether the interaction is between family, friends, a retail experience or a corporate transaction, it all comes down to one truth: You the customer are 100% responsible for your behaviour. Customer Service Excellence begins with YOU 


I have been reading a great deal on the topic of Customer Service Excellence and Relationship Marketing.  Mari Smith says  ’Relationships are what people value’ ( paraphrased) and Guy Kawasaki wrote the book Enchantment which explores this as well. Relationship Marketing is about engagement.

Without  customers, your business is dead in the water. This applies to all business all customers all people. I said it before. Each of us is a customer in every interaction. You are 100% responsible for your behavior  Customer Service Excellence begins with YOU

Now more than ever we need to treat the customer well.  I believe things have changed a little and now in all our day to day business we must put forth our best effort, we must listen, connect, engage. This is how we build trust as we develop the relationship with the customer. People do business with People they Know Like & Trust. Treat your customer as you would want to be treated and we all win.

We each expect excellence in customer service as the customer. We need to extend that to every transaction, every day, with everyone.

Let it begin – Listen ♦ Connect ♦ Engage – The Business of Social is your business and my business!

My original  Customer Service Excellence Manifesto is here.

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