Dear Vancouver Hooligans (NOT Canucks fans)

You hooligans must be very stoked as it appeared with the fist pumping and screaming cheers we saw on the news, from the streets of Vancouver last night.

You have brought shame and disgust on an entire country.

The world has long considered Canadians a polite, almost apologetic people: The world saw a different Canada last night and for that we the majority of Canadians apologize.

Here in the east we cringed as we watched the mayhem live, feeling for all the other Vancouverites and Canucks fans who were not involved. They too, were devastated that their city was being brought to its knees; burned, looted, wantonly damaged for the sake of damage itself. A young female reporter was punched in the face, to what end, I cannot fathom: Up-ending portapotties with people still inside? I cannot understand the point of such senseless devastation.

Saddest of all to me: these young ruffians are so full of themselves they strutted and mugged for the cameras; most of them so brazen they did not hide their faces. One young man of questionable intelligence attempted to jump over a burning car and landed right in the flames. Their lack of respect for the rest of humanity, flaunted in all our faces, as we watched, dumbstruck. I do not understand the mindset of destruction for kicks. Haphazardly damaging large retailers and small businesses alike that were in the path of the rioting mobs; smashing windows and looting. The world is looking at Canada and collectively shaking their heads?

As a Canadian, I say, may the police ferret you out through cell phone photos and bystander videos, that they charge you and give you the bill for the physical damage you have done. In the event, you are unable or unwilling to pay, the city of Vancouver should enact a ‘work to pay restitution’ law that will recoup some of the excessive costs caused by your rampage.

The eyes, ears and technology of the entire world were focussed on Vancouver last night. The internet and  Social Media give us unprecedented access to news around the globe, almost the moment it happens.  Facebook and twitter were awash in ‘posts’ and ‘tweets’: Canadians from St. John’s, NL to Victoria Island, BC were horrified at the revolting show and apologizing, on behalf of Canada in their shock.

A young man I know, who emigrated here with his family, posted as he was watching the cars burn “In the war-torn areas of my birth country and many others we see and hear people rioting in the streets: They are rioting for their lives, it isn’t right, but it is often life and death situations. I am watching people riot in Vancouver for sport, because of a game.”

To the rest of the world I say forgive us, our hooligans, we too are appalled. This is not the true face of Canada, we apologize for the actions of this small group. I know that the city of Vancouver will not let the guilty go unpunished.

The Stanley Cup belongs to the Boston Bruins in 2011,
let us offer our congratulations for a competition well won.
I am sure Lord Stanley never imagined what his cup competition would bring about.
I know were he alive today,he would be sad.


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