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Canada based Scotland born

Meet Elaine – the digital wonder woman with a zest for life and a penchant for all things online. She’s not just a PollyAnna; she’s a polymath, podcast aficionado, and an early bird when it comes to tech trends. Her claim to fame? The Integrate & Optimize Online Method™ that catapults you to the top of search results faster than you can say “Google”.

Back in the Day​

before the world caught onto the digital buzz,

Elaine was already making waves with her Hyperion computer – a true relic from the tech treasure chest. She’s been riding the digital wave since the times of screechy dial-up connections, always staying a flip-phone step ahead.

Elaine’s not your average tech guru; she’s a digital diva, a maestro of the modem era with over three decades of cyberspace savvy. She’s all about sharing her digital wisdom, helping peers and clients alike to navigate the vast online ocean.

When Elaine talks digital integration and social media smarts, people listen – not just because she knows her stuff, but because she understands the power of a positive mindset in this pixel-packed world. And let’s not forget her Integrate and Optimize Method™ – it’s like yoga for your online presence.

Now, Elaine’s mission goes beyond bytes and bandwidth. She’s reaching out to the 40+ crowd, showing that the digital world isn’t just for the youngsters. She’s been featured everywhere from CTV Ottawa to Mashable – even bringing laughs on stages from YukYuk’s to Don’t Quit Your Day Job Comedy Club.

But wait, there’s more to Elaine than URLs and LOLs. She’s also @TheBionicGlamma on a heartfelt quest to shatter the silence around mental health, championing conversations on resilience, gratitude, and the power of forgiveness through her Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast.

Elaine’s life is a blend of tech, laughs, and love. She’s been married ‘forever’, is a proud parent to furkids @theDivaChi and Spencer, and a joyful grandma to five. Catch her at the corner of Search and Social – she’s the one with the brightest smile, reminding us that life, like the internet, is what you make of it.


In Elaine’s own words: “In the grand circus of life, whether online or offline, the best show is when you integrate and optimize everything.” That’s Elaine, truly a figure of inspiration and internet savvy, reminding us all to search for the pony amongst the digital horse-dung.

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