Elaine Lindsay |Speaker| Search |Social Integration| Optimization Specialist

Early adopter, Lifetime Learner, Int’l Speaker, Digital Integration Specialist, Online Strategist: Creator Integrate & Optimize Online Method™ 2020 to get you found first in the search results.

As an early adopter, starting with the original Hyperion, in the late 1980s. Elaine has been online since the dial up modem. That's earlier than most people even discovered the digital world. Elaine ensures she is always on the cutting edge.. Elaine does her research and ONLY works with the best of the best.

With more than three decades in the digital world, Elaine has more experience than most. She shares her wealth of knowledge, and hard-earned expertise with colleagues and customers alike.

Elaine speaks on Digital Integration, Social Media Optimization, and the role your mindset plays within it all. Elaine works with those 40+ and addresses the growing entrepreneurial senior market. 

Elaine has been seen on CTV Ottawa, The New RO, CBC, Mashable, and live on the comedy stage at YukYuk’s Ottawa, and  at Don’t Quit your Day Job Comedy Club.  

Her articles have been published in Marketing Media and Money Magazine, Brainz. Women Rock Magazine, Online Footprint Magazine, and more

On the personal front, Elaine hosts a suicide survivor podcast and speaks on Resilience, Tenacity, Never Giving Up and living a #GratitudeAttitude.

Elaine is an eternal optimist who believes “In any pile of horse-dung…there’s got to be a pony!”

Elaine lives with her husband and @theDivaChi their 4 lb furkid. They have 2 adult children and 5 grandchildren. You can find Elaine @ the Corner of Search and Social. 

March 2022  News from Elaine 

I TROOL-y believe that you are at your best when you integrate and optimize all you do. Online and offline. ~ Elaine

I’m thrilled to announce, I have aligned with Wedo Ventures as their digital Integration Officer.  The empathy and community I feel within the organization spoke to me. 

And Wedo‘s mission --Help more people help more people.-- is what motivates me daily.

This is why I have joined this amazing woman-led team. Unifying the necessary services for consultants and Independent contractors in the gig economy within the areas of communication and finance. Dispensing with the exorbitant fees, lack of connection, and support systems you usually see online. Making tools like video, audio, bookkeeping and payment readily available for all those SME’s at a reasonable price.


After losing part of my leg, gaining some metal, titanium and other new parts; enduring multiple surgeries and hospital stays I'm Bionic and I choose Joy.. I play the 'Glad" Game every day, and find  humour in almost everything. I'm a Glammapreneur who has had to reinvent myself many times. I want to share the wisdom , the knowledge, and the lessons I learned with the world. The road has not always been easy or smooth. I feel the ups and downs have molded me into the woman I am today.

You can find me @ corner of Search and Social!
 ~ EL



Elaine Lindsay is passionate about social business strategy, training,and integration with SEO. Elaine specializes in Google My Business, and all the Google products.
Fun fact: She attended the first ever Google+ #NYC

 HIRL (Hangout in Real Life)

Mari Smith TOP Facebook marketing Expert
Social Media Thought Leader

Some Facts about Elaine:

  • Certified by The Relationship Marketing Institute
  • Online since before dial-up modems!
  • Created first website in 1999 Knew great design wasn't enough
  • Got into SEO 2003
  • Joined Facebook to stalk my adult children... Saw the biz possibilities...
  • Elaine mentored with Mari Smith.
  • Featured authority Amazon #1 Best Seller 'Understanding Social Media' by Damian Ryan
  • Featured authority Amazon #1 Best Seller 'Social Media Myths:Busted'...by Laura Rubinstein
  • Featured authority in the #1 Best Seller ' Solving the Social Media Puzzle'..by Kathryn Rose and Apryl Parcher
  • Host of the monthly 'BBPTVShow
  • Guest on multiple Podcasts
  • Participant in the first ever Google+ #NYC HIRL (Hangout in Real Life)
  • Clients call Elaine 'The Maximizer' , the Google+ and Digital Diva
  • Women's Inspire Network Speaker Dublin 2017
  • CTV Morning Live
  • Online Footprint Magazine G+ Specialist/Columnist
  • Big Social Media Summit Speaker 2012 Las Vegas
  • Meeting Planners Symposium Caesar’s Windsor
  • SocialHR Camp Boston [Google office]
  • SocialHR Camp Toronto Ryerson
  • @ the corner of search & social!
  • Aims for 1% better each day!
  • Premiere Canadian Distributor Revealio™ Augmented Reality Marketing Tool
  • Bionic Glammapreneur who never gives up