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Facebook Changes to Newsfeed Don’t Panic!

Facebook Changes as of Jan 11 2018 

Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that really shouldn’t shock anyone. He’s a parent now, a business owner and he has to be accountable to his shareholders.

When I originally posted this on Facebook, I led with:  Facebook is changing yet there’s no need to panic.. . If you are an engager you will be fine!

In a nutshell, we have to remember that Facebook, like all the other social media is a free service. It’s provided by a corporation that needs to satisfy its shareholders, to turn a profit, that after all is what we in business are all after.

Every time there is a change it can be disconcerting. This is a huge change ONLY for those who do not ENGAGE..

Are You ENGAGing? Then relax and keep on keeping on…

NOT ENGAGING??? Time to get on board and be social .. HINT: its in the name!!!

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