Facebook Rooms

So have you tried your room yet? 

Do you know you have a room on Facebook?

Facebook has a new option for all to be able to connect with your friends and family.  Its through Messenger and they are called Rooms.

NOTE: you have the option to invite people one by one or invite friends and they can message you when they want to come in. You can also lock your room.

Be aware when you leave or close the room there is no trace.. no recording, no notice that you had a meeting or video chat.

I have provided screen shots below, with some info that shows you the way to creating your first  Facebook Room


Rooms are at the top of the feed on your home page in Facebook. You will see some of your friends and the ones with the green dot are a notification that they are online (could also be they did not close Facebook in their browser) when you click the plus sign in your photo on the left under Rooms…


Notice there are two places you can now create your room.. click on create..


Rooms are also being made available in groups ( Image above)

Create your room

These are the windows you will/can go through to set up your room 

Who's invited window

You have the option to invite friends (general invite) or one by one invites 

Room Activity options

You can declare what your room is feeling? What you are talking about?? Facebook  calls it Room activity

Start time window

You have the option to start now or set a time

Information only window to learn how rooms work

This is a further explanation of Rooms which is under the ( icon on the right ) in the Create your Room window at the top right

info-icon-top-right-1Now join your room is active

It seems it can take a few windows  to get to the actual Room..


Depending on the number of pages you have or accounts you can access..you may see this window above  first. ( same as the feature image at the top of the post


The personal room above will then have you join see below

facebook room-when-first-set-up-solo

Before you add people this is what you will see it seems you are only available in the thumbnail on the bottom right.. 

Give it a try, I have to say it really reminds me of the early days of Google+ hangouts.. .back in 2011. 

What can you do in a Facebook ROOM?

You can screen-share and you will be able to invite ( Facebook says eventually up to 50 people). 

These Rooms are not recorded, or record-able. Once it is done, once you have closed the room,  ( that can be done with alt+E) there is absolutely no trace, of that room at all. 

I see Facebook rooms morphing over time into a much more usable and multi-faceted tool.

Facebook wants to become your OMNI App for entertainment, education and more… Covering your every video chat, Livestreaming, TV type show to audio such as podcasts and ultimately to  Augmented  and Virtual Reality. In fact there are segments of all of those already. 

What are you waiting for?? Go try your Room… Have fun! Make the best of your today, every day! 

Elaine Sign off

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