Facebook vs. Google: A Guide to Brand Pages (Infographic)

Facebook vs. Google+: A Guide to Brand Pages (Infographic)

By Molly Hoffmeister, Published June 11, 2012 When Google+ was released on June 28, 2011, one question was at the forefront of every social media aficionado's mind: has Facebook finally met its match? But as the social networking service approaches its …
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Social Media Management for Churches and Other Religious Institutions Now …

Religious institutions are now able to find help navigating the ever changing world of social media, announced Maximize Social Media LLC, a leading social media marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Central Florida.
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The Real Reason Americans Are Skeptical of Social Media

The poll explored how Americans incorporate social media into their consumer and community behaviors. The good news? More than two-thirds of social media users, and 60 percent of all Americans, believe the Internet and social media have made it easier …
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