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So now for sure I’m under the gun as we have added an RSS feed and must produce some interesting and informative posts with which to populate it.

I will be offering up my bent on all things Social – Restaurants – Family – Furkids – Recipes.

With a nod to all those bloggers out there who are leagues ahead of me, I do plan to make this at least entertaining.

First off– HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!! Our 1st grandson is 2 today. I spoke with him by phone, and after a few easily understood phrases, ‘Hi Gramma’, ‘Love you’.. he went off into a long soliloquy which I sadly did not comprehend…he then began to press the buttons, which are extremely loud… after an interminable time he hit the off button and I was lost in the ether..  My daughter called back a while later to say he had escaped upstairs with the phone and hid it!

So today its all about Multi-Tasking – I really need to STOP

So I have realized that multi-tasking is less impressive from a health standpoint and there are actually reports noting that is is not brain-friendly.. Such as this excerpt from an article By John Naish – (Source): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1205669/Is-multi-tasking-bad-brain-Experts-reveal-hidden-perils-juggling-jobs.html

But scientists are discovering that today’s mania for cramming everything in at once is creating a perilous cocktail of brain problems, from severe stress and rage in adults to learning problems and autism-like behaviour in children.

It also, ironically, often makes us less efficient. Advances in medical-scanning technology mean we can now watch what happens in the brain when people try to perform more than one complex task at a time. And the news isn’t good.

The human brain doesn’t multi-task like an expert juggler; it switches frantically between tasks like a bad amateur plate-spinner.

The constant effort this requires means that doing even just two or three things at once puts far more demand on our brains compared with if we did them one after another.

I am making a concerted effort to only concentrate on one thing at a time, I am not managing as well as I’d hoped I would.

Point in fact: I am making a Dr.’s appointment for the hubby, while waiting for the phone to ring through I begin sifting through emails, the receptionist answers and catching me off guard, she offers an appointment this Sunday in the middle of the day. I book it. All the while reading emails, clicking through to various sites and never once looking at the calendar I shoot off an email to the hubby, Dr Appointment ‘fait accompli!’ and I quickly move on to a few other simultaneous jobs:During the call to make the appointment, I decided to go out and check the mail ( we still have a mailman who comes to the door- when there isn’t a strike on- rolling or otherwise) I locked one of the dogs in the front hall…Hearing a sad little whine it takes me a few minutes to go investigate. One very annoyed Yorkie stares at me balefully through the glass of the french door that keeps her away from the rest of us!!

As I head back to the computer the phone rings, its hubby “I am NOT going to the Dr on SUNDAY’ he really emphasizes the SUNDAY.. Oh I will rebook.. He says well, SUNDAY YOU KNOW.. and I suppose I ought to; for the life of me I don’t get where he’s obviously going with this…He harrumphs at me.. well it is fathers day …  ( I should have known) It happens every year..

I promise to book another appointment, and swear for the umpteenth time today that I will do things one at a time from now on….



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