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For Your Mental Health Remember to Find the Fun !

As we move into a rythmn of the ongoing  pandemic and the rules are changing and businesses are opening up again, let’s take a pause for a second and  make sure you still take time to make some room for fun. 

This is definitely not a serious business process to take on board, nor is it a signal to drop everything and goof off. This is more of a reminder that we all need to instill a bit of fun in our day to day.

Silly can be rejuvenating. Silly can help to take the pressure off and give you a break from all the seriousness of life and business.  

@TheDivaChi sunning on the deck in the early morning

My morning fun starts when Caylee, @TheDivaChi and I head out to the front deck. I like to feed the animals in our neighbourhood. I have given many names that I use as I chat to them every morning!  To be honest, I know some of those who walk by must wonder  to whom I am directing my conversation.

There’s quite a cast of fur-characters and feathered ones too!  Most morning the first visitor is one or more of the bunnies, perhaps Harry the hare, or little baby bunny. They seem to be all around us. 

The chipmunk, who hubby is sure is at least the third since I named him, is known as Cedric. Cedric does not quite trust the fencing that keeps Caylee safely away from him. 

We also have George, the gray squirrel who ignores the rest in his single minded quest to enjoy the nut bounty right in front of me! 

Caylee  with fur and feathered-friends

Randy the red squirrel, who’s a bit  of a drama queen and tends to simply perch in the carport, rather than approaching the deck, screaming that the other furries and birds are getting all the nuts! ( Yes it’s true I speak squirrel)  Bob the black squirrel can be a bit greedy, never taking the time to savour one nut before grabbing another. 

In the feathered realm, we have Billy bluejay, who has a habit of dive-bombing my head if I’m too slow with the seeds and nuts that are strategically placed up high for him!  Mr and Mrs Cardinal  are a lovely pair and come visit every few days,. Gary and Gail goldfinch only stop by occasionally yet they like to let us know when one or both of them arrive. 

Our summer has been ramped up by the hummingbirds!! I managed to catch one at the feeder.. and now we have another tiny gray one that is darling!!

This is fun and starts my day on a great note.. Silly works and helps me maintain my #GratitudeAttitude! 

What  cute, goofy or silly things do you find fun??? 

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