Elaine Lindsay’s Article on Voice Search in #M3Mag

Patty Farmer’s  Marketing  Media and Money Magazine, 1st Quarter issues for 2019

Within the pages of  the magazine  you will find my article  … (page 16 to 18 I believe) 

Rocket Your Small Biz To The Top Of Search Using Voice

I’m Talking about voice search LOL See what I did there?

It’s more natural for us to speak/say what we want/need and that is really good news for small biz.

In 2016, 20% of all searches made with the Google app and on Android in the US are voice queries said Sundar Pichai at Google I/O

Now in 2019 I believe it makes sense for small biz to jump on the voice search train and make an effort to be at the front of the pack!

There are in fact more of these interactive speakers coming on the market. They can help you manage your home: from your lights and thermostat to TV, Netflix etc.

“Our “Google home”speaker is prominently perched on the room divider in our open plan bungalow. It seems most of what we say to him/her,is a bit like the TV game show, Jeopardy, backwards.(I set it  up to answer the hubby with a female voice and me with a male voice)”

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  .. be sure to check out all the great informative articles from some really talented individuals like Charmaine Hammond

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