Awesome Google+ Hangout(video call) Photos

Want to see what a hangout (G+ Video Call) looked like ? Did you know you could get together with up to 10 people, talk to all kinds of folks you know and those you don’t. Best part it’s free!

"Hangout Party|hangout||CatBeach|HeatherFay|SteveAltman|TomMcWilliams|"Paul-Platt-Hangout-G+James-Olmos musical guest in the hangoutdavid-santy-multi-talented  singer, designer  in a hangout

In early 2012, the really amazing segment of Google+ hangouts, or video-conferences, Google+ Hangouts on Air, would now to be able to be live or recorded broadcasts for a more general audience!  Soon, the general release of Google+ Hangouts on Air would give you the ability to do your own show!

By September 2012 my BBPTVShow was launched. I got to talk to all kinds of amazing guests who shared their digital journey and more…

According to Chee Chew, a Google Engineering Director, “If you have something to say-as an aspiring artist, a global celebrity, or a concerned citizen-you can now go live in front of a global audience.

elaine-lindsay-bbptvshow-8alison-sweeney-maria-on-fox-latrey-ratcliff-hoa-hangout-on-air-G+chris-brogan-early days hangout

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