#Google +Birthday  I absolutely love it here in the Plus I have met so many amazing... |Search & Social Media Integrated Marketing

#Google +Birthday  I absolutely love it here in the Plus I have met so many amazing…

#Google +Birthday  I absolutely love it here in the Plus I have met so many amazing people.. with incredible stories, I have #HIRL -ed with many and will again.. +Joe Martinez  +Joe Saad +Amy Gabriel +Daniel Enloe +Lynette Young +Al Espinosa +matthew rappaport +Shefali Burns  +Boris Gorelik +Bobbi Jo Woods +Frank Garufi Jr.  +Ronnie Boadi +Ryan Van Sickle +HEATHER FAY +Robert Redl +Rodney Pike  +Bruce Garber +Joseph Puglisi  +Tiffany Henry  +Jo Anne Thomas  +LisaBeth Klein +Renata Sherwin   +Eileen A. McAllister +Vivienne Gucwa +Jason Joseph  +Mohamed Mansour +Daria Musk +Carter Gibson +Shells Bells  and all the G+ family still to meet IRL like +Laurie DesAutels  +Amanda Blain +Robert Pitt +Moritz Tolxdorff +Dolidh Young +Yifat Cohen +M Monica  +Kim Beasley +Lord Parker +Paul Platt +Paul Roustan +Cat Beach +Margie D Casados +Chris Lang  +Andy Stuart +John Butterill +martin shervington  +Euro Maestro +Maria Quiban +Sarah Hill +Stefanie Cruz +Stacy Frazer +Denis Labelle +Cam Meadows +Brett Bjornsen +Tim Jones  +John Fanavans   +chee chew +Katherine Gramann  +Dori Storbeck  and +Natalie Villalobos  and all the other folks +Sheila B. DuBois +Katie Wright +Derek Ross  +Larry Fournillier +Linda Dee +George Sepich  +George Cohn  +Marilyn Ritter  +Daniel Fontaine +Robert Anderson +Mike Downes  +Ande Lyons the incomparable +Mike Stenger  +Mike Searle +Ronnie Bincer +Ayoub Khote +Lorne Thomas +Chris Yates +Chris Brogan +Christopher Lira

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  • {{{HUGS}}} +Elaine Lindsay!!!  I'm so happy that I met you, and that you continue to be in my life :D

  • +Elaine Lindsay  So glad to have met you so many moons ago!!!             I tell people your my sister from Canada :) so LOVE you too!

  • Back at ya +Elaine Lindsay, I'm amazed by how much this platform has expanded our horizons in such a short period of time.

  • You are a phenomenal woman!!
    I am blessed to have a friend in you… I flipping love you too!!
    (((( mega super hugs ))))

  • This is what community is all about, you bring tears to my eyes, as I read the comments, WOW just wow.. I am so very blessed!

  • +Elaine Lindsay I know we have not connected in a while but you are one of the most wonderful women I have ever known…I hope you know how much you mean to me.

  • +Laurie DesAutels and now sitting here in tears..Happy Happy tears +Jo Anne Thomas  and +Vivienne Gucwa  +Eileen A. McAllister +George Cohn +Sheila B. DuBois  I know +Derek Ross said it best 'We are Family"  ♥♥♥

  • Thanks +Elaine Lindsay Happy Birthday to you too.

  • Happy 2nd birthday to you too +Elaine Lindsay!

  • I couldn't name everyone  But thank YOU all for the amazing ride and Journey!!  Thanks for the amazing journey on G+  https://plus.google.com/u/0/117543472495647666878/posts/hbgwEy4jrhD

  • Love you too +Elaine Lindsay !!! So glad you are so close :-)

  • +H.I.R.L. YES +Elaine Lindsay !!! HAPPY CAKE day to you and him and her and us .. So happy to have met you and a ton of #awesomesauce  people! Wish you were all at the #PLUSversary  photowalk tomorrow in NYC!!!!

  • Lots of love to you +Elaine Lindsay.  It an absolute pleasure to have met you :)

  • I love you to pieces, +Elaine Lindsay!!  XOXO

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