Google+ Circlehoods

I’ve been inside Google+ now since the beginning of July. I find that it serves me well in my ‘unquenchable thirst for knowledge’.  Here in G+ I can circle all the thought leaders and true experts in all my areas of interest. This has become both a blessing and a curse.. I had way too many circles and they were hard to manage. What are circles? Read John Haydon’s explanation here.. In mid August I began tightening up my circles, deleting some and creating a more streamlined group..making it easier to view them and easier to add to them from the notification dropdown.

What does one call a group of circles?  You call a group of cats a ‘clowder’.. a group of dogs a ‘pack’ a group of cows a ‘herd’  a group of humans in a company a ‘team’: What pray tell do we call our groups of circles? I have a great answer with credit to @AngelonaWing  I have now found the name for a group of circles ‘Circlehoods’ I had suggestions of Metacircles, gaggle and ‘just call them a group of circles’ but when +Sheila Dubois posted ‘circlehoods’ I knew I had a winner.. With everything else that is going on in the Social Media Arena, the term for my groups of circles must seem like a bit of a time-waster.. it is definitely a procrastination move!  I like to have things named so I can more easily fit them into my headspace…that swirling eddying mashup of all things, more to the point it gives me an excuse to put off other work… so here’s a little ditty that struck me at 3am…


Enjoy your time in your Circlehoods..

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