Google Plus Pages How to

Google Plus Business Pages are HERE!!

Quick and relatively painless set-up go here:.Create Google + Business Page

  • The profile photo must be square; you can use the crop box by pulling the handles
  • You can set up multiple Pages. for your brand, team or business and/or businesses that you admin
  • You can change the name of the Page after you’ve created it
  • Be aware that the local area Page will show your address under the title of your business page and for now if you have a Google places page you will have to look after it separately."Social Media TROOL| Google Plus Business Page"
  • In the left column your page will have :

Team members

  • 1 Admin per page is allowed, should be the person responsible for managing the account.
  •  Google+ Pages Contest and Promotion Policies – Contests, promotions etc must be run elsewhere as per the rules."TROOL Social MediaHangouts |Spread the Word"
  •  When you are posting as your Business Page a personal profile needs to add you to a circle before you can add them back to your Business Page
  • In the right column you will have hangouts and Spread the word..
  • Also note Google+ Direct Connect  –A page’s eligibility for Google+ Direct Connect is determined algorithmically, based on certain signals we use to help understand your page’s relevancy and popularity.
  • there are a number of Categories for pages –Pick a category
    Add your infoLocal Business or Place
    Hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services …
    Product or Brand
    Apparel, cars, electronics, financial services …
    Company, Institution or Organization
    Companies, organizations, institutions, non-profits …
    Arts, Entertainment or Sports
    Movies, TV, music, books, sports, shows …
    Use if your page does not fit anywhere else

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