Google+ tips and tricks

Thanks to Natalie Villalobos Community Manager for the Google+ project
Let’s build an awesome-tastic Google+ community together!
would love to have some MEGA re-shares on this baby

In these few easy steps you can maximize your Google+ experience.
Here are the tips and tricks you should know and evangelize:

Send Feedback button – In the lower right hand corner you can report bugs and give us your feature suggestions!

Google+ Discuss Forum – Join the conversation about Google+ here and chat with other Google+ community members. Please don’t use the forum for feature suggestions – it’s hard for us to keep track there – use the Send Feedback button instead.

What’s New In Google+ page – The Google+ Team is frequently updating this page to let you know the latest and greatest in Google+ (spread the word new stuff comes out)! Many of these announcements are direct reflections of what you all have asked for. Keep it up!

Is someone bugging you? – Use the “Block” button on any profile, this means 1) You will no longer see this person’s content in your stream, 2) This person won’t be able to comment on your content, 3) This person will be removed from your circles, and 4) This person will still be able to see your public posts. Also use the “Mute post” feature in the Stream when someone’s post is too much for you.

Report a profile – Let’s build the community we want by reporting abuse that is in violation of our Community Standards. You can Report a profile from any Google+ profile.

the About section of my profile – I update this frequently! Here you will find some information if you (or friends and family) are new – definitely share these posts from +Ahmed Zeeshan. I’ve added every Google Community Manager on this page so you can follow them to get updates on your favorite Google products and services. Make sure to add the Google+ Community Team – +Toby Stein +Brian Rose +Katherine Gramann +Evan Steinberg. You can also find information about suspended accounts.

+mentioning Community Managers – We love being engaged with Google+ and connecting with users all over the world, but unfortunately there isn’t enough time in the day to read and respond to every +mention and share. We’ll certainly do our best to help and listen where we can, and communicate directly to you via our Google+ profiles and Hangouts often.

Feedback Fridays – Every other week we will have Feedback Friday where I’ll post some questions to you from my profile. This is your chance to share your voice directly to the product team for the bi-weekly Google+ Community Report.

Thanks Much!

Natalie, Community Manager for the Google+ project

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