GooglePlus vs Facebook? No Contest G+ Wins

I firmly believe that Google+ and Facebook can exist side by side because they are 2 very different worlds.

Though, they are both Social media platforms, they began for different reasons.Facebook began as a dating site, for college kids ONLY: An exclusionary platform that had to morph into a more inclusive set-up in order to become the juggernaut it is today. Currently at 800 Million Plus users, some say Facebook will hit 1 Billion by 2013.

Google+ began as an identity cull. After a number of false starts, and forays into Social Media (Orkut, Wave, Buzz) G+ hit the ground running and has grown into more of an inclusive, deeply engaging, social platform with multitudes of like minded groups who freely share their ‘photographer’ or ‘hangout buddies’ circles with all who are in their streams. I understood Google + hit approximately 60 Million by the end of 2011. The numbers just came out, approx Jan 20 2012 the figure is 90 Million (Pretty fast in my books since it has been just slightly over 6 months out the gate.)

Being a sharing platform you can circle any and all who interest you, up to 5000 peeps.I find the overall age of Google + users is a bit older than those on Facebook and the information stream tends to have more depth, to be more mature.(I know there are LOLCats, and goofy gifs aplenty, as well as all the great informative and engaging posts)

I love the ‘anything is possible’ attitude of the Google+ employees,some of whom I’ve met in one hangout or another. I really enjoy the Hangouts, one of the latest and to my mind greatest changes to Hangouts is the ‘On Air’ capabilities. For now only available to a some users: I understand it will be rolled out to many more soon.

An On Air hangout is recorded.  Once recorded the person who initiated the Hangout can save and use the finished video for teaching, reviewing etc. The possibilities are staggering. While in progress, those in the hangout can share the link with anyone in Google+ who can then watch the Hangout live in the stream.

Elaine Lindsay|TROOL Social |chocbite| Adeline RemLucky enough to be given the opportunity to create a chocolate bar by Chocbite in Austen Texas.. with CEO and chief Chocolate Lover, Adeline Rem. The chocolate is some of the best I’ve ever eaten (This bar with my 5 toppings and a few more bars were sent to me, beautifully packaged. You can order them online)

Hangouts are one of the coolest most addictive areas of G+ , everything you could possibly
think of can happen in a hangout.. music and jam sessions with seasoned talent like +Heather
Fay and +Cat Beach and +Doug McDermott.. or recently promoted new talent like +Daria Musk.,
or even studio tours.. like the one +Sammy Hagar did or hanging out on Google+ ..

Google+ even had a hangout to help the +Dalai Lama share in his friend’s Birthday.

Excerpt From David Smith in Cape Town,

‘The Dalai Lama is set to deliver a peace lecture via videolink on Saturday.’

Thanks to +Chee Chew and the Google + hangout team the Dalai Lama was able to virtually be with Bishop Desmond Tutu while he was home in South Africa,

The Dalai Lama will host an on air Google Plus hangout Saturday that To Air At Desmond Tutu’s Peace Lecture In South Africa On Oct. 8 (link to YouTube video)

There were tons of concurrent hangouts where we got together ( some of us at 4am)
to be a part of this historic moment.. share the camaraderie and witness the glint in the eyes of
both men as they teased each other about age and other little things that allowed us to see the truly
great spirit of the gentlemen they are. In a hangout you get to see the reactions and the body
language of those with whom you are spending time unlike walls and streams and texting where there in no real way to add the vibrant colors of emotion the truth one sees in anothers body language.

On Google+ you can find +Bruce Garber who produces a show  called Hangin with Jennifer or you can use private hangouts where your distant family members can meet and catch up.

HHangout|chefs|Google+ Hangoutangout Chefs even offered up some amazing recipes while discussing current topics

Where you can hangout with some global friends; watch the midnight fireworks over Vienna ( 6 hours ahead of Ottawa) and then the Edinburgh Extravaganza (5 hours ahead)and then at midnight in my time zone, see the ball drop in Times Square.

Google+ is informative, useful and fun. The stream keeps you abreast of what is going on in the world as well as the thoughts and insights of all your chosen peeps.

Sunday Jan 15th this popped up in my stream: the re-entry of the Russian spacecraft. How cool is

Philip Plait  –  5:29 PM  –  Public
“The recording of my live video Hangout about the re-entry of the Russian spacecraft Phobos-Grunt is now up at YouTube. Science journalist +Emily Lakdawalla joined me as we talked about the mission and gave live updates as it made its final orbit around the Earth. I’m still awaiting details, but it appears to have burned up over the Pacific at roughly 18:45 UTC on January 15, 2012.”

Today, Jan 16,  I introduced hangouts and the new ‘social search’ to some of a mastermind group….
(More on Social Search in a future post)

Is it any wonder I am TROOL-Y, deeply, madly in love with Google+ and all the wonders it has to offer,  Google+ is the winner hands down in my book!

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