Gratitude & My Christmas Wish

Gratitude & My Christmas Wish

What I know…

I live my life with intent.

I  believe in gratitude.

I believe in abundance.

I believe in God (Universe, Spirit  whatever name one chooses, as there is so much more than we know).

I believe I create my reality. So the choice is always mine…

I choose to make every day magic!

I choose to be amazing…

I choose to love with all my heart.

I choose  to meet & greet at least one new person everyday,
so I may know & be grateful for their magic.

I choose to  help others & I accept help when I need it.

I strive to live in the moment ( this one is difficult at times).

I know I am TROOL-Y blessed with wonderful family & friends.

I wish for one & all abundance & joy!

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