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What do you actually need to grow your business online?

At last, real answers
This webinar gives you a giant leap forward to certainty

Translating Expert Knowledge
into Certainty for You

Every business owner has to decide the best use of their time, their money and their business resources.

You know you need an online presence, and you probably have a web page. Do you need more than a website to grow your business online?

Join Elaine Lindsay for expert information and insights to learn where to put your time and effort to maximize your online presence. Don’t waste your valuable resources! Get the best results for your investment and the best attention for your business.

One-hour Webinar $49
I have tremendous respect for people who know their work inside and out. It’s a joy to watch them do their work: it appears effortless and joyful.
Elaine gave us the tools, support and encouragement to turn Google+ into an important channel in our online presence at
~ Shawn Murphy
♦ Switch and Shift
The key to success in the Social Age is not being an expert ourselves, but knowing how to find the right one when we need one, in any endeavor.
We call it OPEN, short for Ordinary People, Extraordinary Network. My network is indeed extraordinary because of pros like Elaine Lindsay!

~Ted Coiné
♦ Chief Relationship Officer at Meddle
Some people are meant to teach and Elaine Lindsay is one of them. Generous, wise, insightful, funny and plugged into cutting edge Google everything. By the time I completed Elaine’s one day course,
I realized that I was just beginning my Google journey and had a fabulous guide to rely on.

~Kathie Donovan
♦ Broadcaster ♦ Author ♦ Public Speaker

What will you learn in this one-hour webinar?

  • Where do you start?
  • Keywords -Ranking- Google?
  • Use Google
  • Website, Blog or What are your options?
  • Climb the SERPs so customers can find you?
  • Is a website enough?
  • Search & Social Media

Are you ready to feel certain?

Find out where to put your efforts and resources
to grow your business online.

One-hour Webinar $49

This is the webinar you need to be sure you’re making the right choices for your business

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