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Hangout Tip

It seems like the majority of issues in hangouts are not resolved and people seem to get upset about these issues.

The first tip that ill tell you is a very important tip, people do not seem to be using it and it’s one of the most powerful tools in hangouts, it’s called Report User

Google does not ignore these reports, they have teams working on resolving issues in hangouts, and if you have an issue in the hangout then please Report It

Start a limited hangout

When I created Hangout Canopy I knew that disruptive people join your hangouts but before we developed we understood the power of circles and knew that in if you started a limited hangout then you would only get your circles in then hangout.

Usually people tend to start a hangout with My Circles and Extended Circles, which do not get re-distributed out to the world bar your Circle Scope.

Blackout Hangout

If the worst comes to the worst you can ask everyone in the hangout to mute their video and sound, and then ignore that disruptive person, the chances are that he/she will leave after being bored.

Go to another hangout

If the distributive person has specifically targeted you, then don’t worry too much about why they have targeted you, just understand that on the internet we have trolls.

Take a look around your streamhangout canopy and other places for other hangouts you may be interested in, but before you go to another hangout Block the disruptive user first.

It’s important to block the user before hand as they won’t be able to follow you to your new hangout.

Hope this helps guys

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