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Requiem for a Neighbourhood 10 months early

Update :Its the end of February and news is we will be done with G+ as of April.. WOW.. that sure came fast! so much for 10 months... The Alphabet-owned company now says it will close down the main


Using Webinars to Build Your List – Doable 8

Using Webinars to Build Your List – Doable 8 Today is Day 8 of our ‘Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables’ Blog Tour. Yesterday we looked at how to use contests to build your list.


Bookmark your Hangout and use the same link to invite!!

Bookmark your Hangout and  use the same link to invite to the next one!! Woo Hoo This is a real bonus. Now we can bookmark our hangouts and reuse them. I like to leave the hangout chat window open and