Heads up folks this is really a great group even if I do say so and I'm in it!!…

Heads up folks this is really a great group even if I do say so and I'm in it!! Thanks +Amanda Blain

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*Want To See the Magic Of Google Plus*? – Version 2

Lots of new folks around here.. So follow these simple 3 Steps… anyone who actually does this can not EVER say Google plus is dead… or "I don't get it".. I dare ya.

1) Circle at least 250 People. These will probably be people you don't know. Get Over that. Circle the attached circle of my top 90 Engagers/Posters. Or even better make your G+ YOURS by typing whatever search word you are interested in, in that lovely "search google+" box at the top there. Cats, Game of Thrones, Photography, Pepsi, you name it.. people here are fans and posting about it. Circle at least 250 people up.. but more is obviously better. 1000 is an active kicking stream.

2) Make sure you have a Profile photo, something in your about me section and make at LEAST 1 public post… Go do it. Right now. More details = better chance of people circling you back. Try and post stuff daily. Comment back when someone comments on your post. Try public if your cool with it. Try a hangout.

3) The most important step – Go through your stream and write a comment of some kind on every single post that you even kind of, sort of find interesting. Try and do something better that "lol" or "yeah" but contribute something. The point is to ENGAGE. Daily. Watch the video they posted, click on the link and make a comment or comment on another commenter's comments. Share something you really like. Mention someone. Google+ is about Interaction. Repeat step 3 daily for best results.

Sit back and watch the magic of Google Plus happen for you.

Tired of any of the threads? Use the mute button from the drop down arrow to stop receiving updates.

TLDR? – Circle strangers. Post Something and Comment Daily. Repeat.

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