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Handicapped Parking Hassles

I’m sure most people envy me my handicapped parking sticker, especially during the holiday shopping madness when parking is a free-for-all.  Most days I’m very grateful that I don’t have to

digital Audit google-search-via-TROOL-social-media-by-agnieszka-boeske-photog

Super Secrets to Get Found Faster in Search Results

Are You New to Biz Online? Not on Page 1 in the SERPs? Simply not being found? What can you do?Get ListedEventually, Google will index (find) your site.  You can help the process along by submitting

LinkedIn #ScamAlert via TROOL social media

LinkedIn Scam Alert

The following is a LinkedIn post from this morning. I had a client reach out via email asking if this was a viable notice.  It's important to look for the telltale signs of a phishing or scam email.

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