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I developed expertise to escape physical pain

I spent years of my life physically disabled. Trapped and in pain, my ability to connect with the world was the internet. I wasn’t satisfied with joining Facebook to keep track of my kids and building websites for small businesses - I had to understand why the LinkedIn algorithms worked differently than Google search results. The connection between SERPs and Social Media was obvious to me from the beginning, and way back when my clients were leapfrogging over much bigger enterprises in search results. It’s not magic, despite what my clients say - I had to know how it all worked, and what was effective. In the beginning unravelling the mysteries was a great distraction from physical pain.

I had to choose carefully, so dedicating business resources is a priority

As the digital marketplace exploded, accommodating mobile and connecting with video became priorities, and the rules for online marketing changed as fast as cell phones. As an invalid, I always had to choose the most important things to do because my options were so limited, and naturally I applied the same attitude for businesses who have to make sure their resources are used effectively. Riding trends may look flashy, but it can really waste resources. I am focused on effective, and the same drive to know, that enabled me to climb clients up the search results, keeps me on top of the changing requirements of a successful digital footprint.

Tackling my greatest fear is your best bonus

​Helping you in business is my focus, and in the end my salvation.  Without something to latch onto,outside of the pain vortex, I would have disappeared.

The more I delved into search, the more knowledge I could absorb. Which turned into a great bonus for clients.  I loved the challenge search posed and helping you, the client get on page one and integrate all you do is a BLAST!!

The toughest aspect of getting into social media was of course, video.  WOW the fear was palpable. I took more than 2 weeks to finally give it a go..(You can read the sorry story of the first video Hangout!)

I knew I had to take the leap in going beyond my comfort zone..  

That was back in 2011, Now, I can give you the tools and the knowledge so that you too can handle, and enjoy doing video that can propel your business to the digital forefront.

Don't get me wrong, to this day I do not enjoy watching  nor listening to me on video: I do however, love the feedback and the amazing guests I feature on my @BBPTVShow.

Slaying the fear-beast, developing an expertise in video,and then being able to give clients that hand in the dark, that support to be able to do the same.. yet not alone..

As Angela Sutcliffe said,
"Gotta tell you, since I started working with Elaine with all the online stuff that scared the pants off me, I can't believe I'm flying through it, no sweat!

Laughed this morning - I've had my web-cam for about two years and had no idea that I could adjust it from my computer controls instead of always reaching for it - just another one of those "be professional online" lessons from Elaine. Damn, it's the "don't sweat the backstage stuff" that has made all the difference. Just colour me "cool as a cucumber"...

Thanks for this morning, Elaine. I keep wondering if I will live long enough to get to the depths of your knowledge!

What really works?

My clients are in business. It’s not their job to understand what really works online. It’s my job. It’s my job to know the deep, nuts and bolts inside pieces that make everything work right. It’s my job to understand what matters online for business. You don’t need to figure it all out, because I have identified what you need to understand to make the right decisions and focus your efforts.

I live a very different life now, and I have a lot more choices. My years of disability have given me an innate requirement for efforts that are effective. Identifying effective, to get the best results from your efforts and resources, can be challenging in a constantly evolving internet marketplace - it’s okay, you can focus on your work, because I’m on it.


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