Integration of search and social

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The Integration of search and social

The Integration of search and social will provide more personalized results.

With the advent of search engine optimization and page rank boosting algorithms, getting exact information from search engines like Google has been a walk in the park. When it comes to social media sites, there are targeted marketing arenas that are still in the early stages of development. Now the amalgamation of search and social provides  more customer-centric results.

With Google integrating Google+ members and search, the members or users will find it easier to view information that is tailor to their needs and preferences.  The user can even search for information that is private.

Ok so for instance, say you are interested in a particular brand of shoes. You want to look it up and find out all that you can about the shoes, what colors they come in, where you can buy them. When you search for them, not only do you get the usual results that are found,  you can find images or posts that your friends have shared, due to integration of search and social media,. Of course, privacy features work in this aspect. If the post is public and is shared by your friends or you have been tagged in it,  you should definitely find it on your search page. Getting first hand, customized results and interacting with experienced people in the niche will help you make better decisions and be on the top of things.

Finding people will be easier with a G+ account as Google will first  look for persons you already know and will come up with results that match the names already in your circles or network. With features like easily adding prominent experts in the field  to your circles or network, being well informed is never difficult.

These socially relevant search results can  make searching easier and more fun.  Switching back to the old way of search is simple with the toggle button. The button gets search results that are based solely upon the keywords you type in, not to your integrated socially relevant data.

Business owners should definitely have an account on Google+ to take advantage of  authorship, and utilize the Google+ comments plugin and other G+ plugins on their sites  to enable better visibility and accessibility in Google Search.  Not only is it vital for their marketing and promotion, it also helps them learn more about market trends and customer research.  It will  be possible to engage customers and appeal to them more intimately. +1s, likes, shares, pins, re-tweets, etc are holding quite a lot of significance these days in the making of day to day business decisions.

Social media brings together the human touch with the technology, algorithms and spiders. It helps in appealing to an individual’s tastes and choices. Gone are the days when search results relied on algorithms alone. Now relying on people is key. The influence that social media has in search results is bound to continue growing ever more consumer-centric: The marketing mantra has always been that the customer comes first.  Now utilizing SEO best practices, new content will be much easier for your customers to find – when they are looking for it!. Semantic search is here.. and growing..


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