Is Google Forcing Google+ Down People's Throats? | WebProNews

Is Google Forcing Google+ Down People's Throats? | WebProNews

“Probably not, but that isn't Google's fault,” he says. “Facebook has a significant head start, and has effectively captured a generation. Facebook is also demonstrably evil, though, so if Google offered a truly non-evil social network — a real and
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Social Media Restrictions on the Rise, Facebook Use at Work on the Decline

And streaming media blocks increased from 0.38 percent to 0.46 percent. Another factor, he said, is downsizing. With less people doing more jobs in the workplace, people may not have as much time to spend on social media sites, he said. The use of
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How Techies Use Social Media And How That Can Help You …

There seems to be this overarching assumption that the way the general populace uses social media is the same way that technical talent will use social media. And while that might be true on a larger scale (for example, …
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