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TROOL Social Media Snippets Vol 1
We look at the Recent Awesome Changes from Google

At the end of April Google announced changes to the algorithm for mobile.

They would be starting with the US. Some people were concerned it might affect their websites and blogs. Google’s algorithm change was quite timely. Did you know that 80% of all Twitter users are mobile? Have you checked to be sure that your website/blog is responsive?

Here is a good tool from Google that lets you check to be sure your site/blog is responsive: https://www.google.ca/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

Having a responsive website/blog is key to having access to the quickly growing market of mobile only users. You don’t have to create a totally different site for mobile..Those who use the WordPress platform can use any of the multitude of responsive themes.

The Google Photos announcement:

All your photos, organized, and easy to find

Now that you can find your photos and videos faster, editing and sharing them just got a lot easier.

People take photos & videos every second. We’ve taken trillions of photos. People will take another trillion this year alone.

It was getting really difficult and time-consuming to sort your photos in your videos across all your devices. I know people often run out of space. And it’s kind of difficult later when you’re trying to find a photo:

  • You can’t remember what you called it
  • don’t remember what folder you put it in
  • not even sure if it’s on the current computer you’re using.
  • Very often you’re using apps and you have to login and it can just be a total pain.

NOTE: The images and videos you keep in Google Photos will appear in Google Drive automatically. Any photos you upload or sync using Drive will always be the uncompressed, originals and will use your available storage.

So cool! Google has given us a stand-alone product where you can house all your photos and videos, you can organize them easily and sharing them just as easily.
This will allow you to save what matters to you in your own private area.

Gmail Undo Send (30 second OOPS-recall.)( My term for it) This has been in the Lab for ages.

What exactly does that mean? Google has announced that in Gmail you now have between 5 and 30 seconds (you choose in your settings) to a recall a message.

  • If you make a serious error
  • poor judgment in your subject line or text
  • forgot to include some vital information
  • worse case, send it to the wrong person

You can recall that message. I think this will be good in some cases and in some cases perhaps not so good! LOL


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