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Leverage LinkedIn 101

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LinkedIn has grown from an online resumé to the only professional Business Social Media platform. LinkedIn Pulse is a recognized source of quality information, but beware: sales pitches are frowned upon. Think Forbes, not advertising.

Who is on LinkedIn? 347 million professionals including the influencers, the educated, and the highest average salary members of any Social Media platform. 94% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn to distribute content.

Get insider tips and tweaks. LinkedIn Learning Series Webinars. This webinar will help you Leverage LinkedIn like a Pro
from the wizard of Search & Social, Elaine Lindsay.

The Key to LinkedIn Search

  • LinkedIn search is different: What do
    you need to know?
  • Tailor your profile for LinkedIn search
  • Important facts about making
    your profile more visible

What do You need to stand out in LinkedIn?

  • 347 million professionals: Stand out!
  • Using quality content on a business platform
  • Using LinkedIn Pulse

Lead Generation Distinctions

  • Using content marketing and social selling
    on a business platform
  • Keeping it professional
  • A different way of making connections

Bonus Using LinkedIn ______________ can help you reach more _____________

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Elaine Lindsay

Leading edge web development, SEO and social media for 15+ years.

Elaine is The Bionic Web Translator who shares all the digital tweaks & trends, in plain language you can easily understand, digest, and implement!

Search and Social Proof are now key factors in establishing your search ranking, especially in LinkedIn. Elaine Lindsay works with professionals & solo-preneurs, to provide the tool-sets and insights to improve your ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) using their social media channelss . An early adopter, Elaine recognized Google+ as the bridge that would link Search and Social Media.

Elaine Lindsay helps you get better engagement and customer buy-in to build ongoing relationships and brand recognition. Who is looking for you?

Why would I want to be on LinkedIn? My relationship coaching for business focuses on people interactions. I’m not the business coach for marketing and methods. Turns out Elaine Lindsay is right again: LinkedIn people are looking for quality and insight, so being found there is good business.

Patricia Wall Holistic Missile ♦ Relationship Coach for your Home & Office

Get Leverage LinkedIn 101 Now $47 $9.99

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