LinkedIn for business Page Stats. Have you created your LinkedIn business page?


Biz Page Stats for LinkedIn Business Pages. Have you created yours?

Lets begin with the most interesting stat in terms of business. that is LinkedIn for business.

According to TopRank Blog 

More than half of all of the business in the world have created a business page on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for your business stats
Public Domain from pixabay
After speaking to a number of people, who were surprised to learn that LinkedIn supported business pages, I did a bit of research and found the above stats.  

Half of the business in the world is a whole lot of pages. 

This ought to be perking up your ears. Your business needs to join the ranks on LinkedIn. Th beauty of social media, is the sheer value you get from adding your information to a page, you can use to increase your visibility, get more connections, and drive more traffic to your website. 

LinkedIn for business gives you a great additional targeted marketing page.

LinkedIn Company Page and Group Statistics



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